Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A lesson in Modge Podge

Well, I got a hard earned lesson in modge podge last night. Wow is that stuff sticky and fickle! I'd never used it before, but next time we battle, I think I'll be more prepared. And, I love my piece even more because it seems to have some hard earned battle wounds.

Here's my process....

I got this adorable little wood piece from Michael's that seems to be just the right size for the 2 hooks I got at target... I painted the edges white because I knew I wouldn't be placing papere there and I didn't want to have just wood showing.. and I think it will help the green gingham pop a little more.
(I realize this image looks a little funny, blame my phone)

Next I modge podged the paper on... well, I didn't realize right away that I needed to place a layer of glue/modge podge under the paper to help it stick, so half way through doing the top, I lifted the paper and put some on the wood. I think this is why it got a bit lumpy. Oh well, battle wound right.
It has now dried overnight and I'm ready to put these adorable white hooks in.

Should I be trusted with a drill? We'll see. Final project photos may have to wait until husband comes home tomorrow...

But, one fun fact... I've decided that I'm going to invest in that velcro wall stick stuff to hang photos in our next home. We have a million "ooops" holes now, or where I've changed my mine. I've already got one roll that I plan to use to hang this beautiful finished project.

I love this green gingham. I think it if fun, summery, bright... fabulous. We hope to incorporate a beautiful teal, yellow, and bright green into our new bedroom.  I have a feeling that I'm going to need a lot more bright colors in our house to get through the dreary winter summers in denver...

however, turns out I'll be hating summers and winters there... supposed to be 97 today in denver...awesome.  so long beautiful california mid-70s weather...

what fun summer items are you all creating?  please share!


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