Thursday, June 16, 2011

Celebrating silly (but important) milestones of my girl

Now that Emery is 2 (and 3 months), I am quickly realizing that the major milestones are fewer and farther between. Gone are the days that I want, or need to document her every smile, outfit, and movement. In fact, there were a few months when we only took 5 pictures IN THE WHOLE MONTH, which is devestating. Those moments with my precious baby are gone. To be honest, it is getting harder and harder to even get a good picture because she never slows down long enough for it to happen.
But, since I am 'the' crazy picture taking mom, and since we just invested in a crazy fabulous new camara, I'm back to celebrating milestones and capturing moments. Mostly, because this new awesome (and by awesome, I mean expensive) camara can take great pictures of a moving target.
So, last night, we celebrated Emery's first time using a big girl plate! Yes, a regular plate. She still isn't using my princess house plate (over my dead body), but she got her own nice, but plastic plates this week. I had been admiring them for a few weeks at my local Target. And when they went on sale to just over $1 a piece, I knew it was a sign. I was socially obligated to impact our economy and take them off the hands of this particular Target. Which I did, 3 of them, along with 2 matching bowls.
We had been using some baby take and toss plates for Emery. Except we never actually tossed them. Or, we had a lovely collection of the kid plates from the Target dollar bins.
Next up, big kid utencils.
And because any good milestone celebration is not complete without pictures...

Emery decided to have a dinner party with her new bear last night... We even "fed" the bear some smoothy from her "like mommy" straw sippy...

What fun milestones are you celebrating? Because it's more fun to celebrate the silly ones!

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