Monday, June 13, 2011


Disclaimer: I am not fashion-ista, but I do have some serious opinions on the topic.
I didn’t grow up in a house that ever seriously considered fashion. My family subscribed to the mantra of “It’s on sale, and it fits, it’s perfect.” I love my mother and grandma, but they were not exactly fashion icons growing up. My grandma has dressed like a grandma, since before she was actually a grandma. Think stretch top pants and stretchy bottom blouses… My mom… well, she has one look: A cotton tee (which now-a-days is either from Northern Reflection, or is an Elks Lodge polo), tucked into her black denim, bedazzled belt buckle, and sneakers. Yes, they are both comfortable and always ready to leave the house in 10 minutes, but it certainly will not be featured in vogue magazine…
Looking back, High School was a fashion mess. I was the poster child for teenage anger and angst. And I was all too proud to tell you that I didn’t give a (enter dirty word here) what you thought about me, or my clothes. I regularly sported slippers to school, courtesy of a very lax dress code. And, because I worked in a doctor’s officer after work, I would wear my work scrubs to class. In the end, I basically wore pajamas to school every day, and I looked like a sloppy mess.
Come college, and I find myself in a sorority with 100 other ladies that apparently did already know what coach and jimmy choo were, and I had some serious catching up to do. I got my first adult credit card and promptly bought myself a tiffany’s bracelet and coach purse. Yes, it was the smallest purse ever, but it was mine! I look back at my freshman year photo album and wonder how I managed to put together such ridicules outfits, and how did I manage to still have friends. Whoa!
I have spent much of my 20s still trying to figure out fashion. Now, as a mother, my goal is to make it out of the house each day dressed. It really is that simple. I love watching shows and reading blogs about fellow mothers and our universal struggle to gain (or learn) some fashion tips for being a mom on the go without wearing pajamas. Now, I strive for the “chic mom on the go” look… which mostly just includes classic items that actually fit my new mommy body, and items that it is ok if they get juice/snot/tears/food, or bodily fluids on them. My beautiful kelly green silk blouse from Banana Republic has not seen the outside of my closet in over a year. But, it’s stunning, so I keep it. And, I hope someday I’ll have a job again that requires fabulous business attire. I love cardigans and ballet flats, tunic blouses and relying on jewelry (insert www.31bits. com plug here) to make an outfit fun.
But, I have been known to try to tackle fashion… mostly unsuccessfully. When I do, I end up taking every fashion trend of the moment and putting it in one outfit. Like the time I wore my tunic style dress, with a belt to give a shape, with a scarf (because it was winter), which was also why I added the tights. Add the headband because I was too lazy to actually “do” my hair, and the cute ballet flats because I’m 5’10” and don’t need any extra height. Looking back, I must have looked ridicules. By the end of the night, I found myself delaying my trendy looks, one piece at a time. I felt stupid, I looked stupid. But, I was so excited about each trend, and I don’t get to go out all that often, so I decided to toss them each into one outfit.
Or the time I tried leggings as pants. This is probably the WORST TREND OF ALL TIME! Unless you are actually a model, you should probably skip this one, ladies. I especially love it when women add a printed full-bottom panty that we can clearly see because the butt of you leggings is begging for mercy! My outfit consisted of leggings, with a cute long tunic, that same damn adorable scarf and my trendy brown steve madden boots. You know the ones that every girl on the planet owns, with the buckle on the side/back and a small wedge. Yup, those. Then, I added a short, almost cropped jacket (also not covering my booty) and headed out the door for date night with Jason. In his defense, he did suggest another outfit. Something I DID NOT react well too and stomped into another room to sulk. I knew he was right, and he said it with the “but I want you to feel comfortable,” concept… but I didn’t listen….
Here’s a few other “trends” of our recent past that I tried, and failed at….
-Uggs, with a denim skirt and hoodie
-Tennis skirts and rocket dogs
-White “wife beater” and a black bra
-Ultra low rise denim (insert thong top and butt crack here)
Here’s my point. Most trends are ridicules. 95% of the population is going to stuff themselves into an outfit because it’s trendy, but end up feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious most of the time. Why not just wear what fits, what flatters, and what you love?
This is my work in progress and my eternal struggle… finding a balance between comfort and fashion…. And motherhood.

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  1. That's so funny! I'm trying to figure out how to do my hair in a style other than a pony tail and not have my children blow up my house in the process! Following you from Bloggy Moms - would love for you to visit me at and at FB at Thanks!