Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Adventures in Craftland

Lately, I've been a frequent visitor at my local Michael's Store. We are just over 2 months from our move and I keep thinking of fun things I want to do and make in our new home. We arent' actually buying a home for a few months, but still. I've been so inspired by my recent blog adventures that I truly can not help myself.
So, today, I decided to tackle a long standing problem of mine... jewelry.
I have several pieces of adorable jewelry that I wear almost daily. These are not the very special chain necklaces that I've collected over the years... the first piece of tiffany's jason gave me for my 19th bday, my love necklace from stella and dot, or my other S&D necklace with both a mom and "e" charm for my girl... These are the larger, more colorful statement pieces that I wear in rotation, seriously, almost daily. Many of them are 31 bits, some are Stella and Dot, all are amazing. However, some of them don't get out as often as they deserve because they get lost in my giant jewelry box. I mean giant when I say that... It's a stand up one, with doors AND legs. I love it, but it's huge and overwhelming. Currently, several reside in canvas bags (yes, toms shoes bags) in my catch all make up, lotion, etc basket on the dresser. But, they need a place to call home.

So... I've decided to tackle my first real crafty project. I'm going to make something adorable to hang on the wall that they, my prized jewelry pieces, can hang on!

Off to Michaels I went to get some treasures. I got a wooden board, white paint, modge podge, adorable crafting paper in a bright green gingam and sponge brushes. I just need to pick up some hooks and I'll be ready to go.

Wish me luck. I promise to share the results tomorrow, good, or bad.


  1. you're brave to go for the Mod podge. that stuff terrifies me....

  2. Can't wait to hear/see! So proud, this is pretty daring of you! I would do good to even wear my jewelry every day, so you are an inspiration to me! :) xoxo