Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We love Mater

I have to say... I love disney movies. I grew up watching them, my favorite being Aladdin, then The Little Mermaid. I love the music, stories of love and friendship, I love it all. And now that Pixar has entered the game, I'm a mom that loves disney/pixar movies.
Currently on rotation in our house, Toy Story! Emery loves her some toy story! She jumps up and down when we put it on and then runs in and out of her room to the living room to tell us how much she loves Toy Story.
More often than not, she can only get through about an hour before she wants to play in her kitchen or sing some songs on my lap... which is why I'm not ready to brave a movie theatre to see Cars 2. We're bigs fans of the original... but I've heard this one strays from the original warm hearted story line and has a lot more action. It's almost as if it was created for the 5 year olds that loved the original and are now 8. So, we'll wait and get it on DVD (yes, I refuse to give in to blue ray yet).

In the meantime, I've fallen in love with another option from the Cars franchise. I'd like to introduce you to Mater's Tall Tales
(thanks for the image)

This morning while dropping Emery off at her Auntie Jenny's, Mater's Tall Tales was in the DVD player. Bubbs (the love of Emery's life...) is an epic cars fan (which I think it why Emery loves it so much, because she loves him). I'd seen it before at my local target but hadn't broken down and picked it up. I think I'm going to have to give in now. It is an adorable 30 minute DVD of some adventures of Mater. They are exagerated in true mater style, but very sweet. My only complaint is that Owen Wilson is not the voice of Lightening McQueen....
This is a special "Car" Toons DVD, a side story of one of our favorite characters of the orignial full length Cars movie. I love that this one is a reasonable length for a 2 year old and still provides all the original characters.

Thanks Auntie Jenny...another DVD to add to the collection.

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