Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Motherhood highs and lows...

I think any mother of a two year old knows that there are highs and lows to motherhood.  I've had a lot recently and I thought I'd share....

high: Emery rolling over in bed last night, throwing her arms around me and giving me a big kiss.  I didn't ask for this kiss, nor did I ask for the "I love you mommy, night night" I got afterwards.  blissful
low: Emery throwing herself on the ground at her babysitters because GASP I left the teddy bear she insisted I take with ME to work in the car.  He was alone, that was apparently a chargable offense.

high: Watching Emery and Madison ride Papa like a horsey all over the house last night. (see crappy phone shot below)
low: Getting peed on a week ago by my potty training child

high: Seeing Emery go back for a second good night hug and kissey with her great grandma
low: knowing that in just a few weeks I'm seperating the two of them... they are kindred spirits, I swear

high: panties.  why? because they are cheaper than diapers!
low: poop accidents in panties.  pretty sure that needs no further explanation.

Motherhood is a rollercoaster of emotions.  Just when I'm at my wits-end, I get a huge hug.  Just when I am bragging that I have the perfect child, she throws herself on the ground and screams at me.  But, I know she acts with such strong emotions because she is my child.  She shares her emotions big, like I do.  She has strong OCD rooted opinions about how her world should be, like I do.  She loves big, she fights big, like I do.  And, I hope we always fight this big.  You fight big because you care big.  And, to say that I love this child is like saying that I like oxygen.  I need her with every ounce of my being.  She brings me to life and keeps me going.  Then, she screams and poops and brings me back down to reality.

Hello blogger friends, please meet Papa the horse.  He minds very well...


  1. Glad to know i'm not the only one who has highs and lows, mind you my son is only 7 months old.