Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Somthing else I love...

One of the best parts... maybe one of the only best parts about our move is the fact that we should be buying our first home next summer in Denver!  I've been wanting our own home for fact, we've been "on the hunt," for the right home since I was pregnant with Emery.  Nothing ever seemed right, or came together... maybe it was for the best since we would now be stuck in the terrible position of having to sell our home to move.
And with the purchase of a new home comes the opportunity to DECORATE our new home.  I've been excited about this for...forever!  I know I want bright colors, yellow, blue, green!  I want it to feel like spring time all the time, even when we are snowed in.  And, in one of my many mommy-blog/etsy hoping adventures I stumbled on Barn Owl Primitives.  She makes these fabulous wooden, hand painted signs that have lovely and clever sayings on them.
Right now she is doing a huge giveaway with another blog Little Miss Momma.  I don't usually get much into blog entries and giveaways, but I seriously could not help myself this time.  Her signs are amazing, but also a bit pricey.  I'd love a huge one, to put above my future fire place.  Maybe I'll get that for christmas or something.
In the meantime, I'm entering this fabulous giveaway and mentioning it on my blog.  Plus, I love cute things... and my friends love cute things.  So take a look at her shop... You're welcome to send one my way.. belated bday gift... anyone...anyone?  Bueller?  And christmas is right around the corner.... (thats a shout out to you, mom).

love love love it!  so fun and fabulous!


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