Tuesday, November 13, 2012

highs and lows

Alright friends, I am home on solo parent duty tonight... so I am doing what any responsible mom would do... I'm letting my kid watch a movie while I blog. duh.

I'd like to share with you some highs and lows of the last few days... enjoy

HIGH: Buying new paint for the half bath on the main level.. adorable pale yellow
low: Being a lazy bum all weekend and not painting the awful purple/grey/beige walls

HIGH: Snuggle time with the pooches in bed (don't tell the hubs that Jackson is totally sleeping on his pillow)
low: Having to deal with their epic gas. It seriously makes my stomach turn. Not joking, I think they have a sewage plant in their butts

HIGH: E giving me unsolicited "i love yous" and hugs all weekend
low: E kicking me and throwing a marker at me. awesome.

HIGH: Getting almost all of my presents wrapped for Christmas
low: Having to wait way too many more weeks until I'm reunited with CA

HIGH: Creating an amazing end of year fundraising peer fundraising campaign for work. Something I'm incredibly proud of!
low: Only having 3 people sign up so far... and feeling guilty because I blame Sandy and it taking my donors!

HIGH: Fun family nights with new friends
low: Feeling so lame to be so excited about new friends. yup. lame. ( I miss my CA besties )

HIGH: Signing up for two 5ks in the next 60 days
low: Not actually being active for like 2 weeks and feeling like a hippo

HIGH: Ordering Christmas cards with amazing new family photos
low: Getting 115 images from our photographer and HATING all but 15 of them because I look moose-tastic.

I'll end on some highs, with a few new family photos! Thanks Garrett Adrian photography, we love them!

I'll end on some highs, with a few new family photos! We do love these!

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