Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thankful for... the end of the election

I have intentionally made a point to not talk about politics on Facebook and this blog. This, when my news feed has been flooded with polarizing political opinions from both sides. For me, there are a few reasons I hesitate against sharing my political beliefs...
1. I find my political beliefs to be incredibly personal. In my opinion, one's political belief should be just that, their own. Each person has the personal responsibility to educate themselves on the issues and dig deep down to decide what they want for our country, what the government's role should be in our lives, and how they want their vote to impact those goals... I hate political ads because they are polarizing and usually filled with lies, on both sides.
2. At this point in my life, as a really busy wife and mama, I am not as educated about many of the big and small issues facing our country as I would like. This is pretty embarrassing, seeing as how I was a political science major.
3. I tend to be conservative in my voting. In fact, I've only ever voted Republican. And, right now, I don't have any expectation to switch parties. And, in the current state of politics, it is taboo to admit you're Republican. It isn't acceptable to be a young conservative. And, I don't feel like turning my life into a constant debate about why I vote conservative...

Here's what I do know...
1. We're far enough into the night to know that Obama is going to win. But I also feel pretty strongly that Obama isn't going to be able to do too much damage to our country... we have 3 branches of power with the purpose of preventing anyone branch of from assuming too much control.
2. I am truly not sure where I stand politically - I support welfare reforms. I am Christian, but I do not support the Tea Party or the Evangelical Right. I believe in lowering taxes for the middle class. I am pro-choice, but personally would not choose an abortion. I am straight, but support gay marriage. If I have to put up with the non-sense (and wonderful) aspects of marriage, why shouldn't everyone. I believe that God would want us to love thy neighbor and stop worrying about who is in their bed (or heart). I believe in working together to get us out of debt. I feel that everyone should work hard to better their personal situation and not feel that the government or their fellow tax payers should support them. I am disappointed to admit that I have family members that have abused "the system," which maybe makes me more supportive of reforms of these programs.
3. I had the privilege of growing up with educated political family members on both sides of the fence providing me the opportunity to understand and respect both sides.
4. I am very thankful that I have the opportunity to vote and share my voice.

Here is what I hope:
1. We can get back to life without being overwhelmed with political FB posts, emails, calls and ads
2. Both parties can make a commitment to working together. By either side refusing to come to the table to compromise they are doing absolutely no body any service. The purpose of government is to work together for the best of all people, not just your party.

And, here is some humor...
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