Friday, November 16, 2012

One of THOSE weeks.

Hi friends! Linking up for another coffee date with one of my favorite blogs, Rags to Stitches today for a weekly Friday coffee date! Let's get to it...

So, if we were having coffee today I'd ask for an extra espresso shot and tell you it's on of "those" weeks...
You know "those weeks" where you drink your coffee in the car on the way to work, not in a to-go cup, but a regular mug and MAYBE spill some all over the cup holder?

You know "those weeks" when your sweet toddler kicks you, the cat, throws a marker at your and maybe create mutiny during nap time at school?

You know "those weeks" where you and your hubs finish a bottle of wine together with the last glass going down the hatch in bed?

You know "those weeks" where you have to rewrite the same document for work like 6 times and actually have to kick the social media kid out of your office because you refuse to rewrite again?

You know "those weeks" where you worked you a$$ off for weeks on an amazing end of year fundraising campaign only to have 4 people sign up and $25 raised towards a $5,000 goal?

You know "those weeks" when you miss your friends and family back home like crazy and begin counting the days until Christmas and your reunion?

You know "those weeks" when the house is a disaster and you walk by piles of toys and shoes and don't bother to pick them up?

Yeah, this is just a snap shot of the week I feel I've been having. I realize it isn't that bad. And I'm actually getting a lot of great stuff done at work. And I have a whole list of things I'm looking forward to accomplishing this weekend, including sleep. Yup, it is also the week that E decides at 5:59 is the appropriate time to crawl into bed with Mommy and Daddy. I need to savor my messy house and busy, accomplished work life, and my kiddo still wanting to cuddle with us because some day I'll beg for weeks like "these..."

How's your week friends? Better than mine, I hope!


  1. Yikes! Glad we Skyped this week to have some fun for a few minutes in the midst of a hectic week. Our week has been productive and not too hectic for a change. I've had time to blog and even work out AND run four days this week (woot toot!) Definitely missing my bestie and ready for a few days together. xoxoxo

  2. Good news its Friday! Weekend coming and a new week!!! :-)