Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful for...

Sometime early in the month of November I jumped on the "thankful for" bandwagon. My bestie, Bri, has done it for a few years and I've always marveled at her ability to stick with it and find enough things to be thankful about.
But, now that I'm this far into the month, I've found that it is a lovely combination of the big things (my kid, the hubs) and the little things (my bed, extra cuddle time while watching Aladdin) that make up the big picture.
Today, I'm sharing that I'm thankful for Tri Delta. Yup, I'm 6 years out of college and still incredibly thankful for my sorority. And no, I'm not ashamed and don't feel weird about saying it. I am more proud than ever to be a DDD!
At this point, I'm far enough out of college to appreciate the people that I didn't necessarily want to hang out with. I'm far enough out to look past the catty BS to be friends with people I said it would never happen with. I'm far enough out to have one of my favorite friends be a Gamma Phi from my school. Let me tell you, 10 years ago, that would have NEVER happened. =) xoxo, Kiki.
It was 10 years ago this month that I was initiated into Tri Delta. Every year at this time, I think I've reflected on my delta love. Today, on thanksgiving eve, is when Tri Delta was founded at Boston University in 1888. Thank you Sarah Ida Shaw for wanting something different, something more.

If I could talk to Sarah Ida today, boy would I have some amazing things to share! Once upon a time there was the saying within DDD - "What would Sarah Ida Shaw do?" It was a way to keep ourselves and our chapter in check. Would she approve? Would she believe that we are building a stronger and more womanly character? More often than not, probably not.

If I could talk to Sarah Ida today, I would want her to know that Tri Delta is doing amazing things in the lives, minds and hearts of young women today. Tri Delta is getting back to the basics of what it means to be a collegiate sorority woman. It means friendship, it means service to you university and community and it means commitment to your education. It also means a lot of fun! Tri Delta is empowering women to love their bodies, develop leadership and lifelong friendships with women of their chapters and other chapters around the country.

If I could talk to Sarah Ida today, I would want to thank her for putting an emphasis on service within our organization. Because of Tri Delta I found my life and career in philanthropy and non-profit. Because of Tri Delta, I (and MANY other Tri Delta women) found a passion for St. Jude through raising awareness and funds to fight childhood cancer. This relationship has enriched thousands of lives of collegiate and alumnae women and encouraged them to do more.

If I could talk to Sarah Ida today, I'd thank her for founding an organization where I found my best friends, my bridesmaids, and "aunts" for my own future Tri Delta (pledge class of 2027). I have found these women both from my own chapter and from alumnae membership. These women and I have a common bond to expect more of ourselves, to loves things that come in "3s" and to always spot a dolphin statue.

Tri Delta changed my life. It took a pretty bitchy and angry teenager and turned her into a still occasionally bitchy philanthropic leader. Because of Tri Delta I have my husband, since we met on a trip I took with my Tri Delta sisters. Because of Tri Delta I have so many girlfriends and woman to look up to in my life. Because of Tri Delta I have a career that I love.

I have shared openly that on bid day, Tri Delta wasn't my first choice. Tri Delta chose me, and I am eternally thankful.

Happy Founders Day, sisters! Delta love.

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  1. Aww thanks dear, what a nice compliment! xo

    I'm thankful for DDD for bringing you to TN for your first of many visits!