Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Another milestone...

As a new mother, I found myself consumed with milestones. Is she walking, talking, doing pretty much everything little thing on time OR even better early. In an era of social media with instant communication, gratification, and a google search, we end up comparing ourselves and our children against often unreasonable expectations.

While I feel this is terrible and a sad example of things happening in so many aspects of our lives (thanks Pinterest), I find it most sad with our children and our parenting styles. It's hard to resist the urge to make another homemade learning board to match letters, or encourage early reading, math skills etc. What ever happened to allowing children to learn at their own pace or organically? Why is it the expectation that kids should be fully reading by kindergarten or doing basic math? Isn't that what our preschool and early elementary school teachers are charged with? Shouldn't some time at home be devoted to love and family, rather than continuing to a 10 hour school day?

Here's the deal. I love that E is in a preschool. I love that she loves to learn. But, I want her to do it at her own pace. Is she smart? Heck yes. Good genes, duh!

While I am celebrating a really exciting milestone today for my girl, (see below) I am also already a bit overwhelmed by choosing a kindergarten for E to start in A YEAR AND A HALF! This for me is just another parenting decision I think we've made too complicated.

Here's my point. Parenting is hard enough without the unreasonable expectations that we put on ourselves and the judgement we give to other mothers if they aren't clothdiaperingorganicfeedingflashcardmachines. Give yourself a break. All kids pretty much catch up to one another regardless of how many flashcards they did while still in diapers.

I have no idea when E is supposed to be writing her name, letters, or words. I've stopped reading up on that stuff. But, she can spell her name, is learning to write it on her own, and even (with some spelling help) wrote "Mommy" for the first time last night. I was overjoyed. She was so excited to do it and did a great job! So, indulge me and take a look at her adorable penmanship.

Another milestone in the books, ladies and gentlemen. Only 45 days until she turns 4, but who's counting?!


  1. I hear you. Reading your blog is so refreshing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey there, Crystal! I just wanted to say thanks for becoming a follower of my blog and also for your most recent comment. I know we've only met a couple of times, but you strike me as a woman that is not afraid to speak her mind, so I hope you will continue do so--I love to know what my readers are thinking!