Monday, January 28, 2013

Mom Moment Monday

The following are items that you can be either truly jealous or sarcastically jealous of.... you're job to figure out which. Go.

-E said please and thank you after all questions or tasks this evening.

-She even stopped splashing all of her bathwater on to my floor long enough to tell me she loved me. twice.

-I am now the proud mother of a child that takes off her bathing suit bottoms DURING swim class only to pull them OUT of the water to show me. You can find her on the tiny tot public nudity registry.

-She ate all her carrots at dinner and asked for me. Only to be told "please eat some chicken and mashed potatoes before more you get more carrots." eat your hearts out moms of picky eaters...

-She farted while I was lotioned her butt. And laughed about it.

But, when she is as cute as this, you forgive the farts and do your best to only remember the unsolicited I love yous.

dying over how cute this suit is! and that it is from the girls section, not the toddlers..
Happy Monday people! Let's do our best to ease into the week without getting farted on, but with many I love yous..

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