Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Mom Moment

Another edition of "Monday Mom Moment...." I have to tell you, I've started to enjoy collecting the tidbits from life with E throughout the week to share.

Last week, E let our foster dog out of the house by accident. Ellie was missing for like 8 hours after a night of 4 inches of snow. E was devastated. But, turns out that Ellie was picked up within about 10 minutes of being out and taken in by someone a few blocks away. While I was walking and driving the neighborhood for hours in freezing temps, Ellie was curled up inside a nice warm home...

We had a particularly busy weekend last week with lots of fun activities for E. I think she got a bit spoiled because now she wakes up everyday asking what friend's house or party we're going to.

We had some amazing snuggle time one morning last week where E grabbed my face and told me she loved me and I made her heart happy. Insert mommy tears here...

I think that E spent too much time with her southern aunties during the holidays because she has officially dropped her "g"s... She asks if we are walkin' or drivin'... Or asks to wear leggin's I guess she is staking her claim on where her heart is..

And finally, somewhere recently E decided to grow up and look like a young lady and not a little girl. What the hell!??

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