Monday, February 25, 2013

Mom Moment Monday

We're totally snowed in. In fact, I woke up on Sunday and didn't even know we were supposed to get snow. Then, it kept snowing. all. day. long. I had great plans for the day. A huge to do list actually. All in preparation for E's party in just two weeks. I can hardly believe it. I'm about to have a 4 year old. I'm not sure I'll deal with it very well.

Our weekend was less than earth shattering but we did do some babysitter swapping yesterday. A few weeks back we got a day date while some good friends watched E. Last night, we returned the favor and kept their kiddos. E was so, so excited to have friends over for pizza making and projector movie watching.

Jason and E ventured out to play in the snow last night with the doggies. I don't have proper snow gear, so I stayed inside and took pictures through the window. I also refuse to buy snow gear so I can avoid future snow adventures.

I don't have a particularly funny or earth shattering Mom Moment Monday, but I do have a Mommy Confession for you...
Right now, E's favorite show on TV besides Doc McStuffens is Bones. Yes, Bones. On Fox. The show with people getting murdered and blood and guts. This stuff never really bothered me as a kid, and apparently they don't bother E either. In fact, she loves it! She loves to see the bones. She loves when they get cleaned. She loves to see them use them to catch the bad guy. I do think she gets the premise of the show, but since she doesn't 100% get what being dead means (besides that you go to heaven with my family dog, Snickers), she mostly just know that a bad guy (or gal) hurt someone and he (or she) gets caught. Which, is a good enough lesson for me.
Maybe I should have never exposed her to the show to begin with. But, getting any quality adult TV time in is rare these days and we watched a lot of shows that until recently, she never really understood. Now, she's a bit older and we have to turn some scenes or shows off due to content. But, we missed the boat on Bones. She's hooked and asks to watch it several nights a week.
So, while you judge me for exposing my kid to death, murder, blood, guts and bones, just keep in mind that she might grow up to solve murders because of this early education.... or you could just skip down to the cute pics....

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  1. I love how you say, "or you can just skip down to the cute pics" Kudos to you for honesty. I'm sure there are lots of judgy people out there....but what works for some doesn't work for others. I just don't let my kids watch TV with me because I don't want interruptions non-stop. My 4 year old has a problem being quiet! So, DVR has become my best friend. Cute blog. -Meredith