Wednesday, February 20, 2013

You know you're from Southern CA When....

We've now been in Colorado nearly 18 months. Leaving sunny Southern California was nothing short of my worst nightmare. Seriously, people. I'd barely lived outside of Long Beach, leaving my home, friends, job, and comfort zone was something I honestly never thought we'd do. But, here we are, nearly 18 months later - home owners, navigating life in a snowy state.

In celebration of this ridicules milestone (that I've totally made up), I present to you 15 ways you know you're from Southern California. All of which may very well be based in personal experience. You're welcome.

1. You grew up wearing tank tops (or at least short sleeves) on Christmas.

2. When traveling east during fall/winter you have to buy a pair of closed toed shoes for the trip.

3. You generally wear flip flops 354 days a year.

4. You're used to enjoying farmer's market product year around.

5. Your husband buys 10 jackets in the first 18 months of living in a new climate.

6. You dream of In & Out and compare all lack luster local burger joints to it.

7. When the news says there is snow in CO, your family calls to ask if you're snowed in.

8. You boss says you talk like your from Southern California, like it's a bad thing.

9. You've had college classes canceled due to "rain."

10. You don't like swimming in the ocean, but love to live by the beach.

11. You question all seafood since you're living in a land locked state.

12. You only own fashion boots that you "water proof," because snow boots are ugly.

13. You buy your 3 year old a snow suit in anticipation on winter (she's never worn in).

14. You are wearing of polite and friendly people at snows and in the neighborhood.

15.  Your kid, at some point, become accustomed to bi-weekly Disneyland trips.

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  1. I definitely feel like I was spoiled by produce in California. Now while I love most fruits, I so rarely buy them because they don't live up to my standards. Of course they are farmer's markets here, and I'm sure if I went that I'd find fruit I'd enjoy. But I so rarely buy fruit at grocery stores, since it's never very good.

    And I have to admit, I'm already a little sad for my future children because they won't feel like they somewhat grew up at Disneyland!