Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ear infection -2 our family -0

Well, it's official. 2013 is starting out as the year of the ear infection. E now how has her second confirmed double ear infection AND our foster Ellie has a massive double ear infection.

It's safe to say that we have spent most of the month with antibiotics and major ear cleanings.

I never grew up having these things so I don't know what they feel like or how bad they may hurt. But, having your girl wake up multiple times a night crying breaks your hearts. So, this mama stayed home this morning and made the pediatrician run. It's sad for me that they don't even know me and expect to see Jason come in with E. He wins daddy of the year. In my defense, he has a really flexible work schedule. So it is often easier for him to take her in and then "work from home" with E the rest of the day.

Now, we have something stronger than amoxicillin, have had a snack and are using Mickey to get better!

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