Thursday, March 14, 2013

E's birthday in pictures

Months ago E came home and asked for a "flower party." I'm still not really sure what that meant, but I did my best to capture it. However, because I WAY overinvited, I didn't even have enough time at the party to capture the "flower decor" of the party. I can tell you we painted pots, played pin the pot on the plant, had flower decorations, and had lots of other cute pink and blue decor... and picnic food.

We had a total of 20 kids and 20 adults in our home. It was CHAOS. But, also kind of wonderful to have so many people that love our girl in one house. She was over the moon. 

My mom, grandma, and niece flew in. We spent Friday at the American Girl store. E picked our Caroline weeks ago and basically tore through the store until she was able to carry her in her arms. She also ended up with Caroline's cat, nightgown and a matching nightgown for herself. I was also able to get my AG dolls restrung. They seriously sent them to the "doll hospital" in a hospital gown. It was insane. And, because I thought you'd never believe me, I took a picture...

Please don't judge me by the tragic state of their hair. They've been sitting on my grandma's doll couch for at least 10 years....

The birthday celebrations were wonderful. My girl smiled for days. She gave hugs and kisses and was thankful to those in her life that came to celebrate her. It's incredible to see the tiny person she is becoming. She truly is smart, kind and beautiful. She loves to love others. She is growing up to be someone that I'm proud of and that I am honored to mother...

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  1. I love how you mention Grandma Gia's doll couch like everyone would know exactly what you're talking about! You can't just mention doll couch and NOT go into some details :-P