Monday, March 11, 2013

Mom moment Monday

So, I have a few new readers 'round these parts, joining is from Life of Bon! Welcome new friends!

On (most) Mondays, I have a little thing called Mom Moment Monday. While many days are filled with mom stuff, Monday is dedicated specifically for the humorous sharings of my adorable kiddo - E.

This weekend was filled with mommy moments. E celebrated her 4th birthday! My baby is 4! She is so excited to be 4 and on Friday was just so excited to really, finally be 4 the next day. It was all she could talk about.

My mom, grandma and niece flew into town LATE Thursday night. So the real celebrations began Friday morning with Mickey pancakes....

Followed by a trip to the American Girl store. I got my first AG when I was about E's age - Samantha. Followed a few years later by Felicity. These ladies were beginning to show their age and are now on their way to the AG hospital to be restrung, cleaned and hair detangled. They shall return as good as new in 4-6 weeks and $85 later.
Weeks ago we got the AG catalog and E fell in love with Caroline - an 1812 historical doll. So, naturally they needed to have matching nightgowns because they are best friends!
Next door to the AG store, a local restaurant advertising as "doll friendly." Obviously this was the only place to consider for lunch.... E and her cousin loved it! Fortunately, the food was good too!

We ended our weekend with several inches of snow. My CA niece was so excited, she had to eat more than she played with.....

This is just a snipit of E's party and bday weekend. Once I come out of my cupcake and food coma from the weekend, I promise to share the flower party in all it's glory. In the teamtime, I have to share this "conversation" E and I had over the weekend...

I heard E crying in another room.
Me: E, what's wrong?
E: I don't know yet!!!!! (more crying)
Awesome. Can't wait for the hormonal teenage years...


  1. Part of the reason I want to have a daughter someday is so I can buy her an American Girl doll! Ridiculous, I know, but still... I do at least have a niece, and did buy her first AG doll (Marie-Grace) when she was our flower girl in our wedding. But still, definitely crossing my fingers we wind up with at least one girl!

  2. Hey Shoshanah! It was an AMAZING EXPERIENCE! I totally recommend it for your own daughter, nieces, all little girls. Going to the store was really special! E is in love with Caroline and I got my two fixed! The arrived over the weekend and are as good as new!