Monday, March 18, 2013

Mom Moment Monday - I need mommy advice!

I'm mostly just thinking ugh, it's Monday today. The weekend is NEVER long enough. There is always too many errands, too much laundry and not enough naps or cuddles. I finally tackled the laundry monster on Sunday evening. Seriously, it had taken over the bedroom. I had like 3 laundry baskets full of clothes to hang up...and a closet that was mostly still full. It's embarrassing  I love clothes. And now, I can totally justify it by calling some "seasonal" clothes. A luxury I didn't have at home in CA. muwaahahha!

But, while this weekend was jam packed, I did manage to capture one particular gen of a conversation with E. We were having lunch, or dinner or something  The point is that we were eating meat. We love meat. It's delicious. My kid agrees... This is what she told us.

"There is turkey inside beavers and its yummy.
I can actually eat cows and fish because its yummy and they have bones in them" 

None of this makes sense, and yet it is genius.

On a side note, I'm seeking some Mommy advice. For the past few weeks E has been complaining about two boys in particular being mean to her. She is a kid that LOVES school. She has cried on the weekends because school is closed and she can't go. Last night she told me she didn't want to go to school any more because these two boys are mean to her. Now, I'm no helicopter parent. I hate that. Kids needs to work out their issues and learn to deal with one another. But, I mentioned it to one teacher a few weeks ago because she one one of these boys pushed her down and spit on her. That wasn't the first time something like that happened. Basically  the kids a jerk. I got the "we know he's a bit aggressive  but ya know, his mom's pregnant...." speech. While I think that's a bunch of crap, I tried to be patient and let the teachers do what they do with the situation. But, I think I've about had enough. She says these boys push her down all the time and she was in tears because she didn't want to go to school to have it happen again. Moms: what should I do? This seems to be a problem and a pattern. The teacher's can't be there every moment of the day to supervise, but I expect E to be in a safe environment physically and emotionally and I just don't think that is happening right now. Do I let it work it's self out? I feel like I've been patient for several weeks with no change. Or, should I mention it again and ask for something specific to change or be done? Can kids get kicked out of preschool/day care? 


We're still in epic clean up mode from E's party a week ago. This is one of my favorites.... She looks like such a young lady... dying!
Tomorrow I've got pictures of our (mostly) finished living room/formal dining room decor! EEEK!


  1. talk to the head of the school. she's being bullied and if it isn't stopped now, she's going to learn that being bullied is something she should expect and tolerate, which will lead to huge issues down the road. use the word 'bullied' as well. school take that much more seriously these days.

    1. I agree with above post. My other concern is if it (God forbid) gets worse as they get older. I fear things like sexual abuse could occur as these little boys discover the ins and outs of how to really harm a girl emotionally/physically. I say if the head of the school doesn't take action you need to perhaps take it to the local media to put some pressure on the administration. It is their JOB to keep your child safe!

  2. "we know he's a bit aggressive but ya know, his mom's pregnant..."

    His mom's pregnant, so...what? He's allowed to push other kids down? I don't think so.

    I would talk to the teacher again, and if the behavior didn't stop, I wouldn't put it past me to talk to the kid or his mom directly. People can call that "helicopter parenting" if they want, but being physically violent towards other kids is not ok.

    I think it is important that our children know that we will do what we can to protect them. I have heard of kids getting kicked out of daycare, so I know it happens. I don't think there is anything wrong with not letting this slide.

    1. I know, I couldn't believe it when she mentioned the mom of one of them being pregnant. I think if I don't get a solid plan of action in place with this conversation with the teacher, I'll reach out to the Assistant Director of the center. The TERRIBLE Director was fired last week, so until they have a new one, I'll work with the AD, who is AWESOME. Thanks for the confidence to have this tough conversation.