Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Finally, some color!

Since the move to CO, I've committed to bringing more color into our home. We've always had all brown furniture with mostly neutral "accents." Think a lot of beige and sage green. BLEH!

Chevron Curtains
Floral/Home pillow
Navy pillow & Grey Chevron

Land that I love
California Love
Tennessee Print
YOU ARE subway: gift from hubs

To say that I'm in love with the way it's turning out is truly an understatement. I've spent more time than is appropriate to admit on pinterest and etsy finding items to buy and inspiration to arrange. I'm not entirely convinced that it's done and may always add something from HomeGoods or TJ Maxx. Those two places are seriously my go to for fun, inexpensive items.

More than anything I want our home to be a place for friends and family to be together. I want color and comfort... function and fashion. It's a balance. Our home is becoming a reflection of our family. We're warm and inviting, but fun too.

And, I'm really just dying over my curtains and how it pulls it all together. I'm in love!

Where do you go for reasonably priced home goods? Any suggestions on additions to what I've got going on?


  1. It all looks so great! You guys have a beautiful home!! xo

    1. Thanks Bestie! I have to keep up with your awesome design!

  2. Your decor reminds me of Brienn's a lot! Especially the shelf. She has that look in her kitchen and I love it!