Monday, November 7, 2011

delta lovin'

This weekend we took our first trip back to California since the "big move."  We were so excited to see our friends and family... Emery was so excited for a slumber party with her Auntie Jenny and to see the whole family!  It was pretty perfect!  I am so thankful that we are close enough to CA to get there in an easy flight and that we are able to buy tickets to go home when we want.

This weekend was about more than just seeing our friends and family, it was about attending our dear friends, James and Angela's wedding.  Upon arriving in CA, we traveled up to Lake Arrowhead for their wedding.  Ironically, we left snow in CO, to get snow in Lake Arrowhead.  But, it was so beautiful, perfect for their special day... although, it was like 40 degree during the outdoor ceremony... I felt the worst for Angela and the bridesmaid in their strapless gowns.

But, I digress... Angela and I are sorority sisters.  We didn't attend the same university, but met through advising the CSULB chapter of DDD.  I am forever thankful to her for bringing my chapter to an amazing place.  She spent a year getting back to the purpose of what it means to be a sister and respecting yourself.  I had the great honor of advising these women with her for a year.  I learned such wonderful patience, sisterhood, and DDD purpose from watching her with these women.  I adore her.  And, I was so honored when she asked to wear my DDD pin on her wedding day.  This is such a special tradition, one that I regret not taking part in myself... so it meant even more.

I wasn't sure how many people I was going to know at this wedding, or if we'd be seated at the "awkward cousin" table.  But, I was thankful when I got to sit with 3 other sisters from Angela's chapter.  I had met one before, at the bachelorette, and had heard so many wonderful stories about the others.  This was a true testiment about being a sorority women.  Regardless of your chapter or place in life, you do have a wonderful thing in common with every DDD.  I loved getting to know these women, and sharing some serious dance moves!

With Founder's Day just around the corner, it made me thankful for Tri Delta and our purpose, our values, and our friendships.  I have not yet found my DDD niche in CO, but I know that once I get settled, I'll be able to find a home away from home here.  Each year around this time I reflect on my own initiation and how little I understood what I was saying, or committing my life to.  With each passing year I get a better understanding of what it means to be apart of this organization.  And as my sisters and I sang Alpha Theta Phi to Angela on Saturday night, I continue to love this bond, that ever grows stronger.

Love you Angela!  Your day was perfect!  Wishing you a life of love, laughter and happiness.

Please excuse the shinny faces it... it was a few hours into our serious dance moves...

Alpha Theta Phi

Isn't my hubby handsome (minus the beard)

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