Monday, November 28, 2011

My very own Cowgirl Jessie

Since the very first time that Emery saw Toy Story 2, she has loved Cowgirl Jessie!  I think Jessie is the perfect mix for Emery because she is girly and sassy, but is a tomboy at heart.  As you've seen in previous photos, she was Jessie for halloween.  That costume has stayed with us.  She LOVES to wear it around the around the house, complete with boots and her cowgirl jessie hat.  The other night she wanted to watch Toy Story 2, for the 100000th time. And this time, she decided she wanted to be Jessie too. It was so cute. She loved being in character. My girl is so creative and has such an imagination.

Please ignore the mess of books on her floor.  Clean up is still often a work in progress.  In fact, she tripped over a babydoll tonight and fell into a door.  Clumsey?  She is the product of Jason and I, of course she is clumsey.

I love seeing Emery pretend play.  She creates these whole stories and has Jason and I help her fulfill her vision.  She makes up songs all the time... taking other songs and changing the words to express how she is feeling, what she wants to eat/drink/play/wear, etc.  It's funny.  This kid is a comedian, she has hysterical timing.  It's awesome!

We went back to our normal routene today and can't wait to get ready for Christmas!  Wishing all my friends a family a very merry start to the holiday season!

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