Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I love a little inspiration

I've been pretty lucky to always be surrounded by awesome people in life... I'm not bragging or trying to sound TOO obnoxious, but it is true.  Somehow, I have managed to have pretty awesome friends and stumbled into jobs with exceptionally, smart people.  I love it.
I love the opportunity to share ideas... about anything.  This may be stemmed from my need to talk anything and everything into the ground... I'm the queen of the classic idea of beating a dead horse.  I swear it isn't  because I love the sound of my own voice, trust me, it's because I love the idea exchanges.  I love sharing my own ideas, passions, and knowledge with others and gaining something in return.
Not every "brainstorm" needs to be about how to change the fundraising world.  Although, I have had some of those moments... often over a bottle of wine in a hotel room with my SJ girls.  Many of those conversations also included idea exchanges about exactly what NOT to do to have a major impact the world of fundraising and event marketing.... but those stories should surely be saved for another time....
Most recently my bsbff, Brienn, and I have been sharing ideas for decor... general home decor, kids room... our bedrooms... Thankfully, I have a bestie that is my fashion and decor clone.  I love it.  We email blogs, websites, and fun tidbits that we KNOW the other person just has to know about right away.  It's just too bad that we can own homes next door to one another that would lead to shopping trips together... although, our husbands and bank accounts would probably be thrilled that we don't have that proximity at our fingertips.
And, thanks to said bestie... I now have a whole new place for personal inspiration!  Hello, pinterest, where have you been all my life?  I have a board for quotes, fashion, Emery's future room, our future home... and I'm sure it will only grow from there.  Seriously, amazing, smart and talented women from all of the place are providing me with a massive list of DIY tasks and fun things to keep me smiling and happy... and inspired.

Thank you pinterest.  I love you.

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  1. Yay, love you (and your sense of style & fashion) dearly!!