Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gift giving for little girls, my favorite!

Hey friends,

Today is day 4  that my bestie and I are swapping blogs and sharing some of our favorite things of Christmas: decor, traditions, gifts, etc! Shopping is just one of the MANY things that Bri and I have in common, and the fact that we both have incredibly smart, sassy, and adorable girls makes it even more fun! See what Bri is considering this year for D. And, feel free to hop on over to her blog to learn more...">"/>"/>

Take it away Bri.... 

True confession: buying gifts is one of my very favorite parts of the Christmas season.

I love shopping, so that helps. But I also love putting thought into finding something that the recipient will truly enjoy, and if I can think of something that surprises them and they still love, that is even better. One of my favorite groups to buy for is little girls. My own, and her friends. I've been buying little girl gifts for longer than I've been a mom, as Miss Emery had to get showered with gifts from Auntie Bri before Delaney was even around. Seeing little eyes light up at a special gift purchased warms my heart and "makes mommy happy," as Delaney has been saying a lot lately.

So what do you get for these little dolls?

1. Clothes/Shoes/Accessories: I like finding Delaney some super cute things that are more "fun" items than needed. If you've got a girly girl who loves clothes, this is always a good option! I love holiday themed or "auntie" themed shirts for tiny girls, but I don't know too many of those anymore!

Toddler Girl Clothes

2. Toys: This is kind of a given. I love buying educational things and anything by Melissa and Doug. I always look for a sale and check Amazon for these items. Delaney also adores her KidKraft kitchen, so this year we're adding some wooden food to the mix. Pretend play is also huge for us. Hello doctor kits, babydolls, and tools!

Toddler Girl Toys

3. Books/Art/Music: I've got a little girl that loves to read, and if Santa brought nothing but books she would be thrilled. Music is a real favorite too. Anything that inspires creativity is a wonderful thing! Kids all love to dance, and music is great for the mind too. Encourage your little genius with one of these awesome items!
Toddler Books & Music

I've got a few of these things in Santa's bag, but some are just cool things to keep in mind for the future. Link up and tell us what you are buying your little ones - if you have boys, link up and share those ideas too!

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