Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wrap it up with a BIG RED BOW.

I love gifts. I love giving them. I love getting them. I love thinking about what to get the special people in my life. But, if we're being honest, my favorite gift is one for me that is a big surprise. I'm not good at this. I snoop. I send direct links to things I love for months in advance. Jason is a great gift giver and always finds a way to balance the items I know I want with those I don't know that I'll love.

But, this year there are a few things that I think are great gifts for the ladies!

1. Luke Bryan concert tickets. I mean, I guess any concert tickets, it's an instant date night and reason to get dressed up. Although, the prospect of Luke Bryan shaking it for me is pretty appealing!

2. Punjammies. These adorable jammies are always on my want list. The profits from the purchase of these products directly benefit the ability to get women out of the sex industry, primarily in India. This type of gift combines doing good with adorable comfy products. In fact, they are even hand made in India by the women the organization services. Learn more here.

3. Jewelry with meaning. Sure, a robin egg blue box is always welcome, but finding a piece of jewelry that has meaning goes a long way. I'm talking something with your wedding date, child's birthday, initials, etc. Some of my favorite products in this category come from Amy Cromwell. She has a great story, beautiful jewelry and at reasonable prices.

4. Pinned items. When in doubt, check out my Pinterest boards. I have all kinds of home decor, activities, clothes, etc on mine, any of which I was be thrilled to get. And, the best part is that it automatically links (usually) to where you can buy it!

5. If you're like me, I would love to get something from the NFL shop. They have finally started to realize that girls like football and have some really cute ladies tees.

Ladies, what are some "go to" gift items on your want list? Link up!">"/>"/>" target="_blank">
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