Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Holiday Performer...

This has been a particularly exciting holiday season! My girl has had her first two big performances - our church Christmas Party & her ballet Nutcracker performance. I have to say, I have been looking forward to her first dance show since I first found out I was pregnant with a little girl.

To say that her daddy and I are proud of her is truly an understatement. She is such a little natural performer. It seriously makes me so proud to see how much she loves to dance. I even had the opportunity help as a backstage helper for the Nutcracker. And, despite not being a "kid person" while watching 11 kids, it was a lot of fun. 

In the Nutcracker, she was a mouse, a child in the party scene, and an angel. Way too cute! 

Flowers from Daddy

My little mouse lost her friends tail!

Beautiful little Angel

Our Angel sticks her tongue out.... I used to dance like that too...

Perfection.... such a proud mommy!


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  1. Hey Crystal! It's Shoshanah from high school, I clicked over to your blog from facebook, and knowing how much I like receiving comments on my blog I figure you feel the same.

    And I think these Nutcracker photos are so adorable! I just can't believe they were able to get all these little girls on the same page to do the show, especially with all the costume changes behind the stage.