Thursday, July 12, 2012

bubbies. marriage. potty talk

Recently, I've come to realize what amazing conversations I'm having with my 3 year old. She is so intuitive and asks such amazing questions. I'm so lucky. And... so worried as to what types of conversations are coming my way much earlier than I expected. She is already asking why she came out of my tummy... at 3. Oh boy!

So, I'd like to share with you some of our recent conversations. Enjoy!


Breasts are commonly referred to in our house as "bubbies." E likes to talk about bubbies. She talks about mine and how she thinks they are big (obviously she's mistaken....), she points out other's bubbies, and she talks about how someday she'll have big bubbies too. Then, she looks at her little girl chest and says, "I'm just a little girl, I have smmmalllll bubbies."

This evening, however, we disscussed bras. She wants one. She wanted to put mine on, but was disapointed because it was "wayyyyy tooooo bbbiiiiiggggg!" And she asked if she can have her own bra when she's a big girl and has biiiiiigggg buuuubbbbiiiesss! Thankfully, Jason was not home to hear this conversation. He would have died. I'm not sure she has realized yet that he has a daughter. And. NEWSFLASH. She'll get bubbies someday.


I mentioned before that E said already declared that when I got married my hair looked silly. She has also said that I was a princess. And she has been asking more about what marriage is and who is married to whom in our family. In addition to our bubbie conversation, we've also had a serious marriage talk this evening.

It's getting deep tonight people.

E really loves my wedding ring. She messes with it all the time. This ring has a really special meaning to me. Right before Jason and I got married my grandma gave it to me. It was her wedding ring with my grandpa. He died a few months before I met Jason and it has always made me really sad that they didn't meet. So, having this ring helped bring my grandpa to our wedding and as a part of our life together.

I always wanted a little girl to give this ring to, to pass along the love that comes with it. My grandparents are the perfect example of a partnership and a fiecely deep love. I am so blessed to have that and hope that it will bring the same love to E some day. I told her that someday, when she is a big girl she'll get married and I'll give her the ring just like grandma gave it to me. She got really excited, then just looked at me.

"What is getting married Mommy?" Seriously, this kid is 3? How do you explain that to a 3 year old. I basically rambled something about love, living together and having babies. Her eyes got big as her little brain processed loving a boy and having her own babies. How much did she get? Who knows. But at this point, she is excited to be a princess, get married and get mommys ring. For now, I'm good with that.

please excuse my terrible nail polish...

Potty Talk

Potty discussion is regular conversation when you have a 3 year old. Let's just go through a run down of regular family potty talk.

"I have to peeeee! I need to go to the potty, it's coming really quick!" - picture her running to the potty with her pants around her ankles.

"My tummy hurts, I need to poop"

"I did a big poop, do you want to count them?

yelling "I'm done!!!! Who is going to wipe my buttttttt!!"

Until next time friends.... I think I've left you with enough of our talking points for now...


  1. I love this girl! Although she is growing up entirely too fast! How sweet that she wants your ring...that will be a fun conversation to have on record one day when that time actually comes! xo

  2. Hey! I found you through coffee date & your blog cracks me up! My daughter is 4 & she is very interested in "boobies" too! I nursed my son all last year too, so that really made her interested! HA! She calls bras "boobie cloths" haha! Little girls are so funny! :-)

    1. She is so aware of bubbies, it is too funny. I keep thinking someday she'll wish she didn't have to have them... I love that we can have these funny conversations finally... and someday I'll remind her of them. Likely around prom. =) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh the potty talks-- boy oh boy do I know just how those go and strangely I think I'll miss them one day when the boys in this house no longer find mommy cool enough to have them with... one day. =)

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    Happiness Everyday.