Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Mom Fail Moment

I'd like to share with you why I won't be winning mom of the year today....

It is a bit chilly and rainy out today, so I decided to put E in pants... or jeggings really.

I quickly picked out an outfit and got E dressed without really thinking about whether or not the pants would actually fit.

We ended up with jeggings that are more like crop pants and a t-shirt that is holding on for dear life around her little belly.

Let's keep in mind folks that I got her dressed in jeggings and a t-shirt that are 4T!! 4T for my 3 year old... and they ARE TOO SHORT!! They fit just this spring and now... she looks like a red neck baby.

Here's the deal. It's summer. And has been like 100 degrees, so no, I'm not rushing out to buy her any pants until October. So for now, crop jegging it is. Too bad I just pull out all of her 4T jeans and long sleeve shirts and tossed them in the closet with hopes that the might fit for part of this fall/winter. Looking like that won't happen.

Oh, I should also mention that it is pouring rain now. And E doesn't even have a jacket at school. Just crop pants and a too small tee to keep her dry and warm.

This picture is me tugging her little pants down, making the crotch all low and still not long enough in the legs. And her shirt that is stretched across her little belly. She refused to change and said she LOVED the outfit. Awesome.

At least she is excited about it...right?!

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