Thursday, July 5, 2012

Things that are awesome... and E's boyfriend.

I love having this blog as an opportunity to share with friends and family that are not in CO what is going on in our every day lives. I have found that it is so easy to stay up to date on the big happenings in our lives, but we lose the day to day things that make us laugh and keep us just a little bit crazy.

So, enjoy another installment of things that are awesome and those that are not...


1. We just about two weeks into living an entirely diaper free life.... with NO ACCIDENTS!

2. Our family has totally embraced our neighborhood pools and rec centers. E loves to swim, and with our 100+ temps lately, they make life a lot more awesome. Plus, you can end up with cuddle time like this from last weekend!

3. E has graduated to a big girl bike. Her school does regular "bike days" and I had become really embarrassed sending her with her tiny tricycle that was clearly too small. So, we caved and bought her a big girl bike! She loves it!

And, those that are less awesome...

1. I made beef stew last night. First time ever. It was awesome. But, what wasn't awesome was that E wouldn't eat anything in it. Mostly because she said the carrots looks like hot dogs. I can't say that I disagree. Take a look...

2. We move in 18 days. That is awesome, but that fact that I haven't even begun to think about packing. Or getting ready to pack. I have visions of me just kinda tossing everything in my car and winging it. Not sure how that will work with our large furniture...

3. Tonight E asked for Ben (a boy from her class) to come over and watch Cars with her. I asked her who Ben was and she said he was in her class. The conversation proceeds something like this...

Me: E, is Ben your friend?
E: Yes, I like him.
Daddy: E, do you think Ben is cute?
E: Yes!
Me: Do you hold hands with Ben?
E: Yes! He likes Spiderman. I like Spiderman too!
Daddy: E, is Ben your boyfriend?
E: Yes! Ben's my boyfriend. I like Ben.

Isn't 3 a bit early to be "liking" boys. I realize that we are clearly reading too much into this, but a part of me can't help but giggle a bit at the fact that this is the first boy in her preschool she has befriended. And, it makes me want to meet his parents. Strange right? It totally breaks my heart to know that this future is truly upon us. And that my girl is growing up. And I can't stop it...


  1. No, no, no, she is still too young to like boys! It's like a crazy flash forward of D's life. Love the new bike and the pool time!

  2. New follower from Wiegand hop! Cute blog ;) Love for you to stop by and return the follow when you can!

  3. ahhh yes the first crush. We dealt with that this year at preschool too. hahaha smiling on the outside, panicking on the inside!

  4. What a sweetie! && I'm sure she's still way too young to understand "boyfriend" - but very cute none-the-less ;-)