Tuesday, July 31, 2012

For the love of a cat.

The Blaylock family has expanded by 4 furry feed. We are proud to introduce Manny to the world! E has been asking for a kitty for MONTHS! Let's be real though, I may have introduced the idea to her. I feel really strongly that a home isn't complete without fur children. And, while we have two rather large pooches, we needed a kitty around to keep it real.

Besides, a cat is a more manageable size for E to love on. And not get knocked over by. He has a huge head, but a rather petite body. And, there has been a huge advantage to getting an older (5) kitty because we avoid all the annoying kitten traits.

We're already totally smitten. And, the dogs, while they are curious, seem to be respecting Manny's boundaries and have avoided a nose swat thus far.

Already, Manny has brought joy into our family and made this mama really happy. E is more interested in playing with him than watching movies or TV. We have spent a lot of time introducing him into our home. Time that had previously been spent with our lazy butts on the couch watching TV.

Tube time had begun to worry me. Even with myself. I went to bed exhausted, even though I had accomplished NOTHING that evening. I haven't been sleeping well. But, last night we watched just 1 hour of TV and spent the rest of the evening organizing our pigsty house.

I put together a piece of furniture (with Manny promptly hopped into to sleep) and colored with E on the living room floor (while Manny tried to bat the crayon out of my hand).

Minus a rather large, smelly accident IN MY BED on his first night, Manny is an ideal cat. In his defense, he was kinda trapped on our bed by two anxious dogs sleeping in front of the door.

I look forward to sharing all things Manny with you moving forward. Prepare yourself for cuteness!

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  1. Aww what a cutie!!!! Thanks so much for linking up! Hope to see you next week.

    Wonderful Wednesdays Co-Host