Sunday, July 8, 2012

summer lovin'

We've had some pretty crummy weather the past few days. Monsoon thunder storms and flash flood warnings in the neighboring communities that have been affected by recent fires.

But, in the past few weeks we had fully embraced summer and all that comes with it... the pool, the outdoors, bikes, the parks...

Our girl has developed a LOVE for photoshoots. This was just one of many pictures taken, each with a different pose. She is such a ham. And such a girl with her sassy poses.

And, the new bike. She loves this new bike. She keeps talking about her big girl bike. How much she loves it and wants to ride it.

We hope our crummy weather of the weekend will clear up soon. We are dying to get back to the pool and park.

Friends, what else can we do with our sassy girl this summer?

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