Friday, July 20, 2012

For the love of a box

Jason and I decided to start packing tonight. Why? Because we move tomorrow, the movers arrive at 1030am, and we hadn't actually packed anything signifigant.

So, while we were packing...

E decided that she was going to take over one of our ready to go boxes as a fort. She discovered box forts last weekend at a BBQ and has wanted once since. So, now, she has got herself a fort. We'll get her a bigger box once we unpack at the new place. Maybe we can decorate it too, paint the outside, give it a window...who knows. But for now, good old fashioned fort.

Nothing more old fashioned than a fort made out of a box. An entire room full of unpacked toys and she goes for the box... It really it just the cutest.

How should we decorate her new fort when we get unpacked?

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