Monday, July 16, 2012

Wait, we're moving?

We are just 5 days away from moving day and moving into our first home. We will officially be home owners. I should be excited, right? Think again.
Typically, I have things packed and ready at least a week before any move or vacation. I'm all about making lists, setting a timeline and getting it done. Not this time, ladies and gentlemen.
In fact, I'm avoiding it like the plague.

Do I want the space that our home will offer?
Am I dying for a yard for my doggies?
Do I have dreams of amazing family memories on our new fab deck?

Yes, of course.

But am I excited for all the things that come with home ownership?

The extra expense of plumbers.
The stress of a mortgage.
My desperate need to make my house pinterest appropriate.

No way, Jose!

We looked for like 3 years in CA for a home. And we feel so incredibly blessed that the move to CO has provided our family the opportunity to buy a home in a safe neighborhood, with enough room, and amazing schools near by. But, as someone that is anxiety prone, I'm heading into a stress tailspin that will certainly last until I get my first glass of skinnygirl into my body while sitting on my deck. (ok, let's be real, until I get the whole bottle in me) 

So instead of packing this weekend we...

We had a dance party...
Hung out with adorable dogs available for adoption, like this one, Hank.
Had cuddle time while watching Disney movies (on repeat)
Oh yeah, and packed a few boxes... while just making more of a mess than we had before.


  1. Am I going to have to fly out there and beat you? Pack your stuff!!!! xoxo

  2. Yes, please come to CO... I'll take the beating just to have you around for decoration purposes...

    1. You just want me to come and pack your stuff!!

  3. Yeah, that and drink the above mentioned bottle of skinnygirl with me.